Sunday, December 6, 2009

mutiple copies

Moving books today I realised that I have multiple copies of some titles. The highest count is for Monica's Kitchen by the late Monica Sheridan, published in Dublin in 1963. The latest count is three, which reflects the fact that I want to spread the good news of this neglected Irish food writer and tend to buy it whenever I see it secondhand. We seem to have two copies of Back to Basics by Maureen Tatlow who no longer writes on food. This Gill & Macmillan title is still available, I think, and is the best basic cookbook you are ever likely to find.

There are also at least three copies of Edouard Pomiane's Cooking in Ten Minutes (which is both brilliantly instructive and great to read, even in translation).

On a more mundane note, the painting of the drawing room starts tomorrow and, as always, the ceiling comes first. I quite enjoy walls, but ceilings are a menace and this one is big. However, I have just learned that priming with dilute PVA is a mug's game, so that will save some time and elbow grease. The task will be relieved somewhat by listening to BBC Radio 4's adaptation of Dicken's Bleak House online.

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  1. Hi, good to see you're blogging again! Just on Back to Basics - I, too, love this book and used to give it to everyone I could think of. It seems, however, that it is now out of print - certainly according to the Gill & Macmillan website. This is doubly bad news, as I work as a bookseller and always made sure to have copies of this in the food and drink section - and also to handsell to anyone who wanted a simple, easy to follow cookbook. Perhaps a campaign to issue a reprint is in order?